How do I skip the month?

If you want to 'Skip the month', simply log in to your account between the 1st and 5th of the month. If you're using a desktop browser, you'll find the 'Skip the month' button at the top of your home page. If you're using a mobile device or the app, go to to My Account > My Profile and you'll be able to find the button. Click on the 'Skip the month' button and confirm your decision - this way, you won't be charged. You'll also receive a confirmation email. 

If you change your mind later on and still want to shop, you can do so at any time. You'll still enjoy your VIP perks, such as exclusive deals - even if you've skipped the month. 

If you're using a mobile device or the app, you can only 'Skip the month' by browsing through the home page or via your account.

For the moment, it's not possible to 'Skip the month' via voicemail or email. 

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