What's a VIP Member Credit?

It's very simple: a VIP Member Credit is cash that's stored in your account for you to spend on future purchases at JustFab.

As a VIP Member, if you don't shop or 'Skip the Month’ from the 1st until the 5th of each month, your payment method will be charged €49,95 on the 6th of each month. The charge becomes a VIP Member Credit, which goes into your account to be spent or saved on future purchases.

You can find your VIP Credit balance in your account homepage.

Credits may be redeemed by purchasing items priced at an amount equal to the Credit amount or as part-payment for any item priced higher than €49,95. VIP Credits are not breakable, each VIP Credit should be an entire purchase. When purchasing discounted and/or promotional products, use of Credits will only be accepted at our discretion. In that case, please check the T&Cs of each promotion.

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